Course Creation Formula 2.0

Here’s What You’re Getting When You Enroll in The Course Creation Formula

Create your full course in just four weeks!

  • 8 week, hands on course, that teaches you how to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate your course from the ground up
  • Professional social media strategy for launching with ease
  • Canva tutorials to help you create beautiful, effective course materials
  • Technology training and breakdown of different hosting platforms
  • No BS, no fluff. Just straight course creation gold from a proven expert


Special info from my copywriter to create the best sales page for your course. 

A Canva tutorial to create scroll stopping sales posts and engaging presentations.

Life-time access to course so you can re-watch as you develop new courses and get immediate access to any new information added

All of this for only $2399!

7 Modules

The Analysis Phase

There are 5 phases of course development.

Phase 1 is the Analysis Phase.

This is where we look critically at your idea to decide if it’s ready to become a fully developed course.

The Design Phase

There are 5 phases to course design.

Phase 2 is the Design Phase.

Here we’ll complete your detailed and intentional outline or storyboard before creating the course content.

The Development Phase

There are 5 phases to course development.

Phase 3 is the Development Phase. Now it’s time for the meat of the course – putting together scripts, filming videos, and compiling materials.

We will be here for a couple weeks as we work on filming and editing videos.

The Implementation Phase

We've reached Phase 4!

The Implementation Phase

Learn how to put together a plan and social media strategy for a successful launch.

This will be broken down into two parts. This week we will focus on our launch plan overview and pricing strategy. Bring any questions our live call this week!

Next week we will continue out Implementation phase by focusing on our marketing efforts.

Bonus Lessons

Extras to help you make your course even more amazing! 

We have sales page copy help from my copywriter and Canva tips from my brand and website designer. 

These tools are definitely going to help convert your audience and sell your amazing course!

Bonus Module: The Evaluation Phase

You did it! You launched your course or are getting ready to launch!

Now we look at Phase 5, the Evaluation Phase.

It’s not over after launching! We can collect feedback and evaluate how to improve for next time. 

Modules for this product 7
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